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The Web Committee Mission is present the church through the web site.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto (UUCPA) web site. serves the church, its congregation and the global community in accordance with our UUCPA principles. The web site enables and implements the congregation’s mission to transform ourselves, each other and the world.

Web site:



  • Sustain UUCPA: build the community by attracting visitors and encouraging membership and by connecting members and friends to one another through church activities.
  • Inform community about who UUCPA is and what we believe in
  • Present a positive image of UUCPA
  • Provide a communication channel between church and congregants and the global community
  • Influence social change.
  • Be a tool to improve, learn, encourage and grow as a church.
  • Encourage visitors by designing web search responses into the site.
  • To be attractive to young adults and families.

The Web Committee completed a major redesign of the web site on September 1, 2005. The on-going site maintenance remains the responsibility of the Web Manager. Please send any comments about the current site, and also Ideas about what features or functions that you would like to have available are also welcome.

Email Contacts:

Kathy Parmentier, Web Manager and Chair    webmanager@uucpa.org

The Web Committee    web@uucpa.org

Articles should be sent to newsletter@uucpa.org. They will appear in both the Bulletin and the web site.

Committee Members

Kathy Parmentier, Michael Plass, Susan Plass, Chris Jacobi, Rick Porter,
Gary Vanderlinden


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