Getting Connected at UUCPA

There are many paths from a first visit to feeling at home here at UUCPA. Here are a few suggestions.

Visit our Welcome Table on the patio to ask questions or just to say hello.  Let us know your interests by filling out a green Welcome Card. We will gladly send you several copies of our church newsletter. And grab a Blue Mug at coffee hour so we know you’re new.

Attend Discovering UUCPA, held once a month to find out more about our church, and meet others new to the church.

Attend an activity that interests you.  The Bulletin newsletter or the What's Happening? section of our website will keep you up to date on classes, social events, small groups, or social justice work. The Finding Community section will help you find a group that appeals to you.

Meet a minister. They are always available to answer your questions or attend to the needs of newcomers, especially in times of distress.

Contact the office with questions, or email our Membership and Growth Committee. We are here to help make your transitions as smooth as possible. 


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