Our Varied Ministry

The central event of our week together is the Main Hall service, where many of us come to re-center, remind ourselves of what is most important, and recharge. But for most of us, what keeps us coming back to our church is connection with other people, and we usually make those connections in groups much smaller than the 50-150 people at a service.

Whatever you are looking for, there is a small group (or two or three) at UUCPA for you. Some meet to accomplish a specific purpose, like the Welcoming Congregation Task Force, the choir, the Work Days workers, or the preparers of Second Sunday lunches. Some meet to learn about a topic that interests them all, like the Global Affairs Group or Forum. Some are for continued exploration of deep questions, such as the UU Bible Discussion, the men’s groups, or the Chalice Circles. Some are for social connection, like the Circle Diners or the Senior High Youth Group.

If you’re noticing that these categories overlap and blur, of course you are right. People join the choir for the pleasure of learning to sing excellent music well, but also to have fun together. Chalice Circles are for spiritual growth, but when a member gets sick, they become a pastoral care network. The Senior High Youth Group is social and spiritual and educational. That cluster of people who meet to plan the canvass end up knowing each other very well as they share their vision for this congregation, which they all love and wish to see claim its place as a change agent in the wider community.

If you aren’t involved in any UUCPA groups right now and wonder where you fit in, or if there is a group to match your interests, Rev. Amy or Board member Mailyn Stoddard can help.

Caring Network

The Caring Network provides support to church members and friends who need temporary assistance because of illness or family emergencies.

Chalice Circles

Chalice Circles is a new small group ministry program composed of groups whose members will meet regularly to deepen their relationships with each other and to grow spiritually. Groups start up each October and continue through the next June. If there is enough interest, new groups can start mid-year as needed.

Elder Journey

Elder Journey is a twice-monthy discussion group open to all who consider themselves "Elders". 

Families with New Children

We welcome your children when they join your family—and ours.  We are here to support you through the challenges and celebrate the joys of this special time in the life of your family with many different ministries to families with new children.

Fourth Sunday Brunch

On fourth Sundays, UUCPA provides a light brunch served at 10:30. Our favorite menu is hard boiled eggs, waffles, fruit salad, yogurt, and lots of waffle toppings. We've found some rice flour waffles that are gluten free, and that we all enjoy. Our goal is simple - even more than providing some yummy food, we want fourth Sunday brunch to be an opportunity to linger and socialize. We hope you'll join us!

Holiday Celebrations

We celebrate many holidays with services and meals celebrated through out the year.


A growing community of friendly and intelligent people dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual and social needs of Bay Area Humanists.


This is a structured meeting with readings and silent meditation.

Men's Groups

Men facing similar challenges share personal experiences and develop trusted friendships in a Men's Group. After brief check-in, meeting topics range from profound to humorous. We promise confidentiality, openness and non-judgmental listening.

Parent Journey

Parent Journey is a monthly discussion group.  It's a time for parents of RE children and youth to come together, with coffee/tea mugs in hand.  This time may include soft or animated discussion.

Second Sunday Lunch

Each month on the Second Sunday, at 12:15 p.m. after the second service, join UUCPA's Second Sunday Lunch.  A simple inexpensive meal will be served.


Seder is the traditional Passover dinner celebrating freedom and thanksgiving. Each year we celebrate a communal Passover Seder at UUCPA.

Steward's Honor Roll

Stewardship is vital to the health of this church.  We give recognition for exemplary service with our Steward of the Month award and the Honor Roll.

Women's Groups

Opportunities for spiritual growth and support for UUCPA women in small groups

Worship Associates

The Worship Associates assist the ministers in developing and leading the Sunday Worship Services.


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