Saturday Meditation Group

Person meditatingThere is an on-going meditation group that meets Saturdays from 9 a.m to 10:30.

New members are welcome. We gather at 9am in Room 6. Meditation begins PROMPTLY at 9:10. If this group interests you, you are welcome to join us any Saturday. If you are new to meditation and would like some introduction, come the first Saturday of the month at 8:45.

Meditation Sessions
Our sessions run like this:

  • 9:00 Arrival in silence. Please try to arrive on time. If we have a newcomer, the leader will greet and orient them to the set-up.
  • 9:10 Leader rings bell, lights candle, introduces newcomers, introduces "program," reads/speaks, rings bell to signal beginning of meditation.
  • 9:30 (optional) Leader rings bell, reads/speaks, rings bell, more meditation. Meditation finishes by 9:50, signaled by final bell.
  • 9:50 Serve tea, arrange for next week's leader, Pick up "talking stones" from table to indicate you have something important to share.
  • Sharing time ends at 10:30.
  • 10:25 Leader does "time check".
  • 10:30 Close discussion, final reading (optional), extinguish candle.

Leader Responsibilities
We rotate responsibility for leading the session.

The leader:

  • Prepares 2-4 readings
  • Prepares tea in thermos
  • Arrives early, between 8:30 and 8:45 am
  • Sets up table and chairs, puts sign on the door
  • Handles chalice lighting, bell ringing, and readings
  • Serves tea

The Basket is passed from leader to leader.

It contains:

  • Key to Room 6 (also to the Fireside Room)
  • Sign to enter in silence (and scotch tape)
  • Shawl to cover table
  • Bell, cushion and striker
  • Candle and matches
  • Thermos and cups
  • Talking stones

For further questions contact: Marilyn Stoddard


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