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UU Abolitionists

UU Abolitionists is a new and growing organization of Unitarian Universalists dedicated to ending modern slavery and human trafficking, led by members of the UU Fellowship of Santa Cruz County and UUCPA’s minister, Amy Zucker Morgenstern. Approximately 27 million people worldwide are enslaved, more than at any time in history. They are in every country, including the United States, and their stolen labor creates products we consume every day. We have a proud anti-slavery heritage in Unitarians and Universalists such as Thomas Starr King, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Benjamin Rush, and Theodore Parker. Through education and action, the UU Abolitionists rally today’s Unitarian Universalists to follow in these leaders’ footsteps and complete their work for freedom.

Steward of the Month

Steward of the Month for January is Maribea Berry and Steward of the Month for February is Marilyn Austin. For more information see the Steward of the Month page.

Church Directory Information

The office has the church directory which is a listing of congregation households and UUCPA Interested Persons. It is updated frequently and you can pick up your copy from the office – a contribution of $.50 will help cover repro costs. In addition to the members/friends listings you can see also see who is on the Board of Trustees, the Committee on Ministry, the UUCPA Staff and the many email addresses for UUCPA Electronic Communications. And you can find contact information for committee/task forces from Action Council to Youth Group.

New safety policy

At their March 19 meeting, the Board of UUCPA adopted a new safety policy for legal minors. This brings our written policy in line with the procedures we have actually been following. You can see the new policy and procedures online at the Children and Youth Religious Education Web site here:


Bias-free scouting at UUCPA

The Board has approved UUCPA sponsoring a chapter of Navigators, a bias-free co-ed scouting program. Check out their Web site at:


UUCPA Family Fun Page

Have kids? Looking for a way to connect with other families at UUCPA? The UUCPA Family Fun Facebook Page is for you! Go to www.facebook.com/groups/uucpafamilyfun/ to join the group. Once you do, you can view and post events for other families to join. Offerings could be a trip to Santa Cruz , a picnic in the park after church, or a parenting article. Hope to see you there!

Note: Not sponsored by UUCPA.


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