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Social Justice Tithe:  Outlet & Stevenson House

In December 2012 the tithe of our Sunday offerings went to Outlet: $368.11.  You can learn more about this organization and the good ways they will use our donation at

In January 2013, the tithe of our Sunday offerings went to Stevenson House: $332.58.  You can learn more about this organization and the good ways they will use our donation at  Thank you for your generosity!

—Rev. Amy

Immigration Myths

Source: Border Angels

Immigrants don’t want to learn English.
Truth: 91% of second generation immigrants are fluent or near fluent English speakers.
Immigrants don’t pay taxes.
Truth: Undocumented immigrants pay taxes. They also contribute to Medicare and provide as much as 7 billion dollars per year to Social Security fund. Further, undocumented workers pay sales taxes where applicable and property taxes.
Immigrants increase the crime rate.
Truth: Recent research has shown that immigrant communities do not increase the crime rate and that immigrants commit fewer crimes than native born Americans.
Immigrants take jobs away from Americans.
Truth:: There is no correlation between the increase in the foreign-born population and the decrease in the employment of native born workers.
Immigrants are a drain on the US economy.
Truth: The average immigrant pays a net 80,000 dollars more in taxes than they collect in
government services.
Undocumented immigrants are a burden on the Health care System.
Truth: Federal, State and local governments spend approximately 1.1 bil- lion dollars annually on health care costs for undocumented immigrants, aged 18-64, compared to 88 billion dollars spent on all health care for non elderly adults in the US in 2000.

South Palo Alto Food Closet

The South Palo Alto Food Closet can always use food, it serves clients who live in Palo Alto whose income is below 150% of the federal poverty level. For a family of four, that is $34,575 a year — an amount that doesn’t go very far in our city. When donating please consider foods that are not available from Second Harvest (our main supplier): canned tomatoes, diced tomatoes, and tomato sauce and paste. Pasta (other than spaghetti), hot and cold cereals, and soups are also needed. The Food Closet is an organization supported by annual donations from our congregation. Baskets are located in the Main Hall lobby. Please share your Holiday Spirit with the South Palo Alto Food Closet.

Central East Regional Group UU Disaster Relief Fund

Many UU congregations along the East Coast are still without power and many of their members have lost property. The CERG UU Distaster Relief Fund has been set up to help. Please give what you hope others would give if it were our neighborhoods that were affected.


Nominations for monthly organization to support

Each month the Church supports a social justice or service organization by donating 10% of non-pledge offerings at the Sunday services. Action Council will review the recipients and present a slate at the Annual Meeting in April for a congregational vote. If you would like to make a suggestion for an organization to support, or voice your support for a currently supported organization, please email or call one of us. You are welcome to attend the Action Council meeting on Feb. 18 (Presidents' Day) at 1:00pm to advocate for an organization (whether a new nomination or an organization we have supported). We will finalize our slate of recommendations at the March 18 meeting.

Among the factors considered are:

Our relationship with the group;
Who do they serve;
What is their funding base;
Balance among social service, direct action, education, community organizing and advocacy causes.

Please include information that will help the Action Council with our decision, including:

Organization name and location;
Who they serve and what they do;
Size (in terms of membership if applicable and budget);
Their major source of funds;
Your relationship with the group.

Thank you from Action Council:
Nancy Neff, Jane Glauz, Karen Skold, Bill Hilton

Immigration Task Force Update:
Sheriff Supports Legislation To Protect Immigrants

Members of PIA (Peninsula Interfaith Action) congregations met with Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith on September 16, with Rev. Amy, Edie Keating, and Karen Skold representing UUCPA. The letter requesting this meeting was signed by over 800 people, including 70 from our congregation. Thanks to all of you who signed!

The purpose of the meeting was to urge Sheriff Smith to support two important pieces of legislation that will provide better protection from deportation for immigrants who come in contact with law enforcement. The Trust Act (AB4) and the Drivers Licenses for All Act (AB60) have passed the California Legislature, and await the Governor’s signature. Last year Gov. Brown vetoed the Trust Act due to opposition by the sheriffs, so it was crucial to get our sheriff’s support.

At the meeting, Sheriff Smith heard personal testimony from a high school student whose father had been deported, and from a graduate of San Jose State University who experienced harassment returning home after night classes because she could not legally drive. The sheriff agreed to send a letter to the governor expressing her support for both bills.


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