Sermons and Other Writing

Our sermon archive has sermons from our settled ministers and guest ministers dating back several years.  Not every Sunday's sermon has been archived, however.

We treasure our practice in which members of the congregation called Worship Associates help lead the Main Hall service each week. They usually serve for three years and then rotate off, bringing a variety of voices into our services.

During most services, the Worship Associate delivers a personal reflection on the theme of the service, offering a slice of “life as text”. Some of the reflections are found in this section, along with sermons by guest speakers, stories, and Membership Renewal Moments, in which members share the reasons they belong to UUCPA and support its work in the world.

Our ministers also write short essays which are included in the Bulletin, the church newsletter.  Each minister chooses the title for these musings.

Recordings of most services, dating back decades, can be obtained from the office for a nominal fee covering the cost of the materials. Recent services are available both on cassette tape or CD.



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