Weaving the Web

October 30, 2011
Rev. Amy Zucker Morgenstern

Part 3 of 3
(for Parts 1 and 2, see the 10/2 and 10/16 editions of the Weaving the Web).

In my vision, UUCPA is and will be:

  • where we put our strength into bending the arc of the universe toward justice.
  • where our anger and despair can be transmuted into acts of healing.
  • where we know we are a part of something far bigger than us in space, time, and power.
  • where we claim the heritage of all wise thinkers, all brave heretics, all unflagging activists, all teachers and disciples, all artists, all speakers of wise words, all lovers of humanity, all carers for the small and delicate.
  • where we relive, and re-make, the peak moments of our lives: moments of epiphany, joy, insight.
  • where we stay in the circle and know we will not give up even when we don't know how to make this crazy quilt of community hang together.
  • where we come not halfway to meet others, but 90% of the way, surrendering our fears of being taken advantage of.
  • where we help each other discover our gifts and our dreams and encourage each other (en-courage: give courage to; give heart to) each other to be bold.
  • where we ask the hard questions...
    • and listen to the answers
    • and listen even when the only answers seem to be silence and mystery.
  • where we are gloriously unfinished and we are enough.
  • where others take our life mission even more seriously than we do.
  • where we take others' life missions seriously, speak them back to them, and help them to keep their hands on the plow.
  • where we lay down our fears and our burdens.
  • where love is at the center.

— Blessings,



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