Voting at UUCPA Congregational Meetings

Qualifications for Voting
  1. A member of UUCPA is one who has competed a Declaration of Membership form and been confirmed by the Board of Trustees.
  2. Members have the right to vote at Congregational Meetings, effective 30 days after confirmation of Membership, provided that they have made a contribution of record during the previous year. A contribution of record is a donation to the church's operating fund recorded in the member’s name. Auction purchases and unpaid pledges don't count.

If you haven't made a current contribution of record, you can do so before the meeting and ensure your right to vote.

Absentee and Proxy Voting

Finally, if you can't be at a Congregational Meeting,  there are two ways in which you can still participate in voting. You can vote for church officers with an absentee ballot, and you can authorize another member of the congregation to vote on other items by proxy. Forms for absentee ballot and proxy authorization will also be distributed by email and available at the church office about two weeks before the election. 

Rules for Absentee and Proxy Voting



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