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After a church event many of us look forward to viewing photos taken at the event. UUCPA has adopted a policy to protect the privacy of UUCPA members, friends, and guests that requires permission of the portrait subject for the public display of photos. In order to make these photos available to the UUCPA community while still protecting the privacy of UUCPA members, friends, and guests, church photo albums are only available online to those who subscribe to UUCPA’s ANNOUNCE email list.

New members and visitors who give us their email address are automatically added to ANNOUNCE. To subscribe to ANNOUNCE if you are not already on it, go to the Mailman list page and follow the instructions there. You can also submit a request to

When you click on one of the annual album indexes below, you will be prompted for “Name” and “Password” before you will be allowed onto the index page. In the box for “Name” type the email address you used to subscribe to the ANNOUNCE email list. In the box for “Password” type the password that was sent to you when you subscribed to ANNOUNCE.

Don't know your Mailman Announce Password?

Password reminders are sent out monthly, so the first thing to do is check your mail folders to see whether you still have one. If not, to be reminded of your ANNOUNCE password, send mail from the email address on which you receive ANNOUNCE postings to Use password as the subject of the message. You do not need any text in the message body. Your password will be sent to you by return email.






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