View of the Main Hall from the rear on Sunday.

Our Church

Ministering in Palo Alto since 1947

Our roots go back many years. Today, our congregation numbers 350 members and many friends. We are young, old, singles, couples, and families of many types from up and down the Peninsula.

We are theists, atheists, and agnostics

Instead of a central creed, our religion centers around Did you know that on any given Sunday there are about 15 hybrid vehicles and 12 bicycles in our parking area? shared principles or moral values, like "the inherent worth and dignity of each person". Our Living Tradition enriches our lives.

We worship together

Our ordained ministers lead Sunday services brimming with beautiful music. Children join the first service for the first 15 minutes before gathering for their classes.

Special services

Such times as Christmas Eve, Winter Solstice, and Passover create the rhythm of the year. And we provide a variety of spiritual experiences with meditation groups, small spiritual meetings, and our labyrinth.

Earth and Chalice

We work together

Based on our long history of commitment, today we have social justice groups active in the areas of poverty, environment, peace, childhood education, and equality.

We like to get together

We play, hike, dance, talk, sing, act, and share meals together. For many of us, the community we have found here is our second family.

We support each other

With friendships and our ministry to each other, for example, our Chalice Circles, and our Caring Network, we support one another through life’s transitions.


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