Memories of Barbara George

Barbara George

Church Administrator

“Miniature roses, rubrum lilies, exotic sweet pea seeds, and some lovely little violas … were among the flowers she gifted me. The violas volunteer back every year, and when I see their little flower faces, I'll remember Barbara.”

“When I needed help, you were there for me.”

“Presente! Glod bless you, Barbara.”

“We are forever grateful for the witness to peace which was her life.”

“Barbara's positive spirit and thorough efficiency blessed us. I treasure her memory.”

“Of all the people I’ve met at UUCPA I felt closest to Barbara. Every short drop-off or pick-up errand turned into a lengthy conversation with Barbara’s, ‘How's life?’ … She always took time to listen and share.
Not once did I hear her say, ‘Nice talking to you but I’ve got a lot of work to do …’”

A Photo Album — Barbara and a few of her UUCPA Friends

“She was patient with us, even when some of us were impatient with her. She was supportive of us, even when some of us were uncooperative with her. It is not an easy thing to meet the needs of 330 bosses; but Barbara was always able to bring her loving heart to our church community.”

“It’s sad to lose Barbara. We’ll all miss her. But odds are she’s now in some lovely garden sharing cakes with the Queen of Heaven”

Peninsula Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

“It took a whole steering committee to take Barbara’s place at the helm of the Peninsula Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.”

“Whenever the Peace March ws losing its momentum (straggling and personal conversations) we could hear Barbara’s voice loud and clear starting a chant and we became energized and unified”

Eulogy from the Memorial Service


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