Thank You!

The 60th Anniversary Committee wishes to acknowledge the many volunteers who helped on the April 14/15 weekend (2007).

Thanks to Susan Plass’ expert culinary and organizational skills, eighty plus people enjoyed her six varieties of elegant hand-baked sweets on Saturday evening. On Sunday, between 150 - 200 people (plus 30 children and 20 parents at the R.E. lunch) enjoyed a beautifully presented and delicious luncheon. Food helpers on Saturday included Jean Duda, Dora Fishman, Erin Fishman, Jean McFadden, Misao Sakamoto and Dave Weber. Michael Plass and Jeff Cashdollar, our administrator, added helpful hands Saturday evening, along with Elton Bell, Joe Chee, and Bear Capron.

The always delightful Thespian cast included Darcey Laine, Bryce Perry, Jim Terman, Dave Weber, Philip Hodge, Rita Hays, Edie Keating, Hurd Twombly, Ila Keiper, Carl Skold, Ed Barlow, Sara Newcomb and Betty Seike.

On Sunday, Dora and Erin Fishman, and Dave Weber returned to assist with the food, along with Elizabeth Berry, Brandon Dukovic, Brian Keating, Sam Neff, James Sperry, and Emma Tucher. The delicious cakes were deftly cut and served by Jane Ardley, Dora Fishman, Peggy Marks, and Elizabeth Van Patten.

The two Sunday Services were enhanced by Rev. Darcey Laine’s warm welcome, the uplifting singing by the choir, John Butcher’s cordial pleasing voice as Worship Associate, Maribea Berry and Chaz at the sound system, and Jean McFadden and Fred Buelow’s meaningful introductions of speakers. To hear our founding minister, Dan Lion, and Dr. Charlie Clements from the UUSC on the same morning was a rare and memorable occasion.

Following the second service, ushers Tim Berry, Harry Wachob, Bill McFadden, Mike McLaughlin, Armand Schwartz, and Carl Skold made space for Sextons Danny Daye and Howard Milligan lll to roll in the large round tables for comfortable visiting during the luncheon.

Lynn Grant’s outside banner and Janice Bohman’s community publicity, Kathy Parmentier’s web page assistance, Pat Thomas’ Order of Service, Hurd Twombly’s UUSC info table and Dick Duda’s input on Leaving a Legacy, all were much appreciated.

Many hands and warm hearts made it all possible.
Thank you from the Anniversary Committee:
Bill Landauer, Chair, Rae Bell, Jean McFadden, Jack Owicki, and Susan Plass.



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