History of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto

The 21st Century: Building a Church Continued

The congregation has completed a major building renovation. In 1999, a capital drive raised over one million dollars in pledges to fund a new administration building, replace the building where the youth group and others hold meetings, and renovate existing buildings. Unfortunately, in order to get a permit from the City of Palo Alto, we needed significantly greater resources to meet city requirements such as new fire hydrants and a new drainage system for the parking lot. In 2003, the congregation decided to defer construction on new buildings and use the money in the capital fund to change the configuration, improve and renovate existing buildings. In the midst of the normal chaos of construction our congregational administrator, Barbara George died very suddenly, adding poignancy to our May 2004 celebration of the renovation's completion.

History of UUCPA, Index
The Early Years: Building a Church
1960s - 1980s: UUCPA and Social Unrest
The 90s: Expanding Leadership
Religious Education and Music: Centering the Community
The 21st Century: Building a Church Continued
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