Planned Giving

Giving is one of life's great satisfactions, especially when you know that your gifts will improve the lives of others.

Planned giving is an important way to be stewards of our great liberal religious heritage. It is the act of planting the trees to provide shade for future generations. As with our other contributions, there are various ways in which one can give:

  • Gifts made during your lifetime;
  • Bequests included in your will;
  • Annuities that provide you lifetime income;
  • Designating UUCPA as a beneficiary of an insurance policy or retirement account.

Your gifts may be made in remembrance of loved ones, or to honor a special occasion or special person.

Most gifts UUCPA receives are made without restrictions as to how they will be spent.

Such gifts can be made in the following form:  “I give to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto the sum of $_________.”

You can also name the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto as a beneficiary of an insurance policy, retirement account, or surviving owner of a certificate of deposit or other bank account.

Unrestricted gifts are preferred, and allow UUCPA to apply the donation where the support is most needed. However, gifts for special purpose are also welcomed – see Funds at UUCPA and FAQs for Planned Giving, and Donation of Securities.


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