Committee on Ministry

The Committee on Ministry supports and monitors the health of the total ministry of the church, which involves the integrated work of clergy, staff, and laity. It is the responsibility of the Committee on Ministry to ensure that the congregation understands its mission in terms of ministry.

The Committee on Ministry consists of at least six (6) members, two (2) selected by the Ministers, two (2) selected by the Board of Trustees, and two (2) selected by the other committee members. Membership may be increased if necessary for the Committee to carry out its work. Selection of additional members, if necessary, shall be by the Ministers and the Committee, each making an equal number of appointments. The term of each member shall be three (3) years, with two (2) members rotating off and two (2) on each year. The Committee shall select its own chairperson.

Members of the Committee on Ministry may be contacted by anyone with a concern or compliment about the ministry of the church and the health of the church. If there is a concern or conflict with a particular person, our commitment to right relations encourages you to speak directly with that person before involving others.

The members of the Committee on Ministry are maintained on the online membership database (Realm): Committee on Ministry Realm Link (login required)




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