Circle Diners

The Circle Diners program at UUCPA brings together small groups of people for potluck dinners and engaging conversations. It's a great way to get to know the folks in our community. Any adult friend or member of the church is welcome to join.

How it works: On the first Sunday of the month, participants take turns hosting small potlucks in their homes. If you are unable to host at your home, you may host a table when the dinners take place at the church in October and June. The Circle Diners coordinator, Larry Seiders, arranges the assignment of hosts and attendees at each dinner. The host coordinates who brings what to the potluck so there is a lovely dinner assembled. With a group of UUs assembled, the conversation takes care of itself.

The first Circle Diners dinner is on Oct 2 at UUCPA. If you would like to join or have questions, please contact Larry Seiders, or email


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