How to Host a UUCPA Barbecue

Here are notes what to do before, during and after a UUCPA barbeque:


  • If necessary, buy 20 pounds of cheap charcoal and some red and white wine (jug or box) and some juice and soda, unless you know there is enough left over from last week. (Check supplies first.)
  • The most important thing is to start the fires early enough to be ready for cooking when the time comes. They should be started between 5:30 and 5:45. (Don't forget matches.)
  • To start the fires put one crumpled newspaper page in each starter can through the bottom and half-fill the top with charcoal. (No lighter fluid is needed. Don't use lighter fluid!) Light the paper and wait about 15 minutes until most of the charcoal is burning. Add charcoal to fill the starter can. Wait another 15 minutes for all the charcoal to be burning. Then distribute the coals in the grills and add some fresh charcoal to the grills.
  • Look around, hopefully a week early, for the location of hot and cold plastic cups and clear plastic wine glasses. Put water in a coffee urn, put instant coffee, tea, sugar and cream on a tray and take all of this out to the Youth Patio. Plug the urn in.
  • Set up tables and chairs. Table covers may be found in a box in the Patio Room.


  • Greet all and ask newcomers to stand and introduce themselves if they choose to. Socialize, have a good time. Call attention to opportunities to sign up to host future barbecues. Bring the sign-up list from the office.
  • Send the donation can(s) around all the tables. Suggested voluntary donations are $2 per person or $4 per family.


  • Count the money, take out your expenses and put your receipts and the remaining money in an envelope and drop it through the slot in the Library door. Mark it From the Barbeque.
  • Wire brush the grills and leave the coals to burn out.
  • Return all the unused stuff to where it lives. Soft drinks go into the main kitchen fridge. All wine should be stored off campus.
  • Wash serving pots, pan, utensils, etc. in the kitchen.
  • Turn off the lights and lock the Patio Room doors.



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