How much is saved by using both sides of the paper?


Many people [where I work] use those flip pads of paper, and usually only write on one side of each paper.   I want to persuade people to use different paper, or to use both sides and  want to provide statistics on how many trees would be saved if people did this.  How do I figure this out?  What info would I need to gather?   I don't know how many pads people use, because they buy them from different places.   The brand names are Second Nature (ironically), and Prism.  They come in yellow, white, and creme-colored sheets.  Any ideas?


 Here are my thoughts after looking at Second Nature and Prism writing pads on the internet.  The Second Nature pads are made from recycled materials, while Prism pads do not appear to be.  There are prices given on some office-supply websites but most likely [your employer] buys a large quantity and gets a significant discount.

Regarding cost savings of using two sides of the sheets, if your Purchasing Department could supply pricing information and a rough cost per pad, it seems one would divide the cost per item by 2 because writing on both sides would double the use of each sheet. 

Prism does not appear to be made from recycled products.  Of course using two sides of the Prism sheets would also double the use of each sheet and make the pad last twice as long (roughly saving one pad for each pad used on 2 sides).  The Conservatree site below has information on doing ballpark estimates on number of trees saved to make a given amount of paper.  Their site says: "Conservatree, your one-stop source for information on environmental papers!"   Their calculations get complex because one needs to know what kind of paper is being used.  Practical guidelines are given to do some quick calculations.

For calculations:

Their website with information about Conservatree is:

Please scroll down to these two sections: 


How do you calculate how many trees are saved by using recycled paper?

Contact Info: Conservatree, PO Box 29304, San Francisco, CA 94129-0304,  
(415) 883-6264

I hope this information is useful to you and good luck with your environmental efforts,   “Flo”


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