How can I throw a Green Party?


Dear Flo,

I'm throwing a big party, and I'd like to make it green.  What advice can you give me on how to make my party earth-friendly?

Partying in Palo Alto


The URLs below have a discussion about party supplies.

  • Available at Whole Foods - please click on:
  • You might also try:  --  In search box put: party planning biodegradable  
  • ----  Some sites come up with interesting ideas for biodegradable confetti, balloons, etc.
  • Whole Foods might also have some good ideas for you, as well as the supplies. 
  • You might phone Acterra at  650-962-9876, Ext. 306,  to ask if their library has assembled any pamphlets or information about "green" [biodegradable] party supplies or planning.  Their website is: Finger foods can help cut down on the number of plates needed [napkins would still be needed], and it helps if folks can bring their own cups.  

I hope your party is fun! —Flo



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